Vinyl Moon: Vol. #025


Music, Packaging, Startup, Subscription Service, Vinyl


Designer, Illustrator


Vinyl Moon is a monthly record subscription service. The brand commissions artists to create artwork for each album around a theme of the music recorded on the vinyl.

Music is a powerful tool in conjuring imagery. For #025’s playlist I opted to dig into the world of the occult, visually.

Adding a spot-varnish to the outside sleeve really helped the design come to life.

“Jack Bloom is hard to nail down. His style is chameleonic, moving effortlessly from modern polish to retro cartoon to whimsical satire, to name just a few examples. Yet his work all features a common thread of, not exactly minimalism, but a sort of clean elegance. Everything seems deliberate, layers of meaning working beneath other layers that merge together in the pursuit of greater significance. His art and design imbues extra significance to this month’s Vinyl Moon record.”


Brandon of Vinyl Moon

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