Ladie's Night


Apparel, Branding, Comedy


Art Director, Illustrator


Joel, Brian, and Zach created Ladie's Night out of a need for something new in the realm of comedy in Atlanta.

One of the biggest comedy nights in Atlanta is Ladie’s Night. It’s a hilarious time with short films and live standup. Branding it was a fun undertaking, allowing me to go crazy and really dig into something funny and strange. (Yes, it’s Ladie’s)

The three founders of Ladie’s Night are equally funny and exceptionally creative. They also did me a solid by mimicking my illustration for their photo-shoot.

T.J. Miller next to my work was something I never would have expected.

We produced a number of posters for different shows. This was one of my favorites. 1940’s era cartoon style has always been an influence on my work.

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