Apparel, Environmental, Global, Retail


Designer, Illustrator


Coca-Cola Global Retail is dedicated to bringing Coke to apparel, flatware, and more. They partner with big names like Kitsch, Moleksine, LEGO, and others for uniquely Coke branded products.

Fresh out of college in 2010, I joined Coke as a designer. I was tasked with creating unique style-guides for retail partners to produce a range of goods. This was some of my favorite work to be a part of.

For the unveiling of Coke’s new Heritage glass one of my patterns was used as a backdrop for the event. Pretty rad!

One of the larger projects I worked on was a style-guide called Coke Americana. It was used to produce a number of items. This bag especially embodies the spirit of that program, fusing the vintage ‘badges’ with an amazing color-way combo.

The history of Coke is deep, especially when it comes to the iconic bottle design. So it was a great privilege to design a program that featured that history.